AFA - All For All

AFA is a global community of experts and thinkers dedicated to the economic empowerment of women through innovation and technology. In the age of automation, an affinity for technology is no longer a matter of choice or interest, it is a necessity in order to stay relevant in the workforce. By facilitating their equal involvement in creating a new digital civilization, we empower a generation of innovators contributing ideas for more inclusive development and for the good of society and humankind.


A more inclusive society where no woman is left behind. By facilitating their equal involvement, we envision a workforce where women are mobile, skilled and tech savvy and therefore included in developing the solutions for a more sustainable future.


Our mission is to generate greater awareness amongst women for the technological imperative across all industries. We employ a multi-stakeholder approach to promote a more inclusive and sustainable society for all.


• Diversity
• Inclusion
• Innovation
• Open mindedness
• Collaboration

To drive equal participation in better-paid, more prestigious work and to ensure that no one is left behind in the workforce of tomorrow, AFA recognizes the need for more targeted support. For this reason, we organize a series of events and programs dedicated to women and girls equal participation digital civilization of tomorrow.


Generate public awareness for the technological imperative and the need for targeted support for better inclusion.


Make STEM subjects attractive to young girls and position technological roles and companies as desirable career prospects.


Support learning opportunities across all ages to enable a generation of skilled and tech savvy girls and women, equipped for the workforce of the future.


Encouraging collaboration and inclusion through a network of enablers.