Make your mark through Partnerships

Do you want to engage your company as a corporate citizen dedicated to supporting the communities around you?

Would you like to create meaningful impact with us?

Are you looking for more diversity in your company?

Are you interested in participating in programs connecting you to the female talents of tomorrow?

Would you like to position your company as an inclusive leader in innovation?

Contribute to your community

Support community initiatives that strive to empower women and girls for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

Promote Diversity

Alignment with your company’s diversity policies and increase the available talent pool to include more diverse candidates.

Build a Network

Join a platform to connect with other innovators and position yourself as an attractive and inclusive employer for innovation related fields.

Brand Positioning

Promote your brand through strategic placement throughout event and in event materials and lead the dialogue in innovation.

Get in touch with us to find out more about partnership opportunities!