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Through innovation and technology, for a more sustainable and inclusive society

Innovation and technology are the drivers of economic and societal development, but they lack diversity and women are by and large excluded from participation.

How do we address this?

By working together with leaders across innovative disciplines, AFA aims to better equip girls and women for the age of automation.


Generate public awareness for the technological imperative and the need for targeted support for better inclusion.


Make STEM subjects attractive to young girls and position technological roles and companies as desirable career prospects.


Support learning opportunities across all ages to enable a generation of skilled and tech savvy girls and women, equipped for the workforce of the future.


Encouraging collaboration and inclusion through a network of enablers.

In our mission to promote greater diversity and inclusion by empowering women through innovation and technology, AFA is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility. By promoting equal participation in educational programs that equip people for the workforce of the future, AFA supports women and girls on the path to more productive and better-paid work.
Women and girls represent half of the world’s potential and yet they are consistently underrepresented across all areas of leadership. AFA’s mission is to advance gender equality by supporting the economic empowerment of women through innovation and technology.
Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth requires the participation of all. As we move to an age of automation, preparing for an inclusive workforce involves equipping women and girls with the technological know-how to perform the jobs of the future, a task that AFA is committed to fulfilling.
AFA is dedicated to fostering innovation by facilitating dialogue that generates ideas for more inclusive development and for the good of society and humankind.
To reduce inequalities across social, economic and political fields, we must commit to empowering and promoting the inclusion of all. This stands at the heart of AFA’s mission, as we strive to better equip girls and women to ensure no one is left behind in the inevitable age of automation.

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